Help for our project in La Gomera

The supporters of M.E.E.R. are the foundation of the decades of work and have contributed significantly to the fact that we could build a treasure: The long-term database in which whale and dolphin observations off La Gomera have been continuously collected since 1995. These data form the backbone of our scientific work. Again and again, we evaluate parts of it in order to expand our knowledge about the animals, to identify and substantiate their needs and threats. We owe this possibility also to your support, thank you very much!

Then came March 2020 and the boats had to stay in port, as no more tours could be conducted due to the restrictions. Data collection thus also came to a standstill. However, in order to continue our important work in the future, it is necessary that the boats of our whale watching partner OCEANO go out to sea regularly again and document sightings.

Send marine ambassadors with us!

Therefore, today we would like to ask you to support the continuation of the scientific work off La Gomera: With a donation of just 40 EUR, you will help ensure regular whale watching boat trips. We will use your earmarked donation to send people on the ground in La Gomera on a whale watching tour. This way they can help with data collection and actively spread their enthusiasm for the animals, the protection of their habitat and the work of M.E.E.R. on site as marine ambassadors.

In this way, you can support M.E.E.R. twice: Through scientific data collection on the one hand and the acquisition of new multipliers on the ground on the other. The new marine ambassadors will document their experiences via video, photo with comments and communicate them on our social media channels, not least to let you as a donor participate.

Please support the continuation of our project with your donation so that we can recruit marine ambassadors and the scientific data collection continues!
Your M.E.E.R. e.V.-Team

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For a donation by SEPA direct debit please fill out the following PDF-Formular and send it signed to us by mail, post or fax. Thank you very much!