Here you will find the most important news about our association as well as our projects and actions. In addition, we report about the events around the whale and dolphin protection off La Gomera (Canary Islands) and worldwide.

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2 Nov

Digitalisation: Data acquisition via app

In the past months we have made a huge step forward in the digitalisation of our data recording in cooperation with the company Pegenau (Erfurt): Software developer Stefan Werfling has developed an app specifically for M.E.E.R. e.V. that digitally records sightings of whales and dolphins. Sighting data (coordinates of the sighting, species, displayed behaviour, group size and composition, etc.) can now be digitally collected on each tour and fed directly into the database. In addition to this, photos can also be taken with a tablet, assigned to the respective sighting and uploaded to the database. The tour’s location data is...
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1 Nov

Behavioural Biology Course on La Gomera

From September 17th to October 1st 2022 a behavioural biology course under the direction of biologist Christina Sommer took place on La Gomera for the first time since the pandemic related restrictions had been put in place. This waiting period was used to rearrange and update the course content somewhat: In addition to the usual elaboration of behavioural biology methods, two additional focal points were set: the first on land-based observation and the calculation of associated sighting coordinates, the other on habitat threats and conservation efforts for cetaceans off the island. In addition, the latest scientific publications were presented (e.g....
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30 Oct

Mindful Conservation

In October 2022, the scientific journal “Advances in Marine Biology” published an article by our chairman Fabian Ritter: “Marine Mammal Conservation in the 21st Century: a plea for a Paradigm Shift Towards Mindful Conservation”. The article deals with differing approaches in marine conservation and pleads for a holistic and conscious approach towards the oceans and its inhabitants. This requires the development of a (new) narrative of connectedness between humans and nature, which must replace the currently prevailing narrative of separateness. Read the Abstract of the article here: Marine mammals are held in high esteem by the general public, and are...
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12 Sep

Our partner Oceano becomes even more sustainable

Since July 2022, our partner Oceano has been compensating for the CO2 emissions caused by their fuel consumption on whale watching tours. For this purpose, the corresponding amount is donated on a monthly basis to the local project Plántate, through which native trees and shrubs are planted on La Gomera. Plántate – translated “plant yourself” – is a reforestation project of the Environmental Department of the Island Government in collaboration with the Garajonay National Park and ATUSOS, the association of tourism businesses belonging to the Charter for Sustainable Tourism. Together with the population, schools, administrations, companies and associations, native species...
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1 Aug

Exclusive WDC Experience Course

Exclusive WDC Experience Trip to the M.E.E.R. La Gomera Project on the Canary Islands Come with us to one of the most dolphin and whale rich areas in Europe. Experience 10 days of responsible whale watching together with certified experts. La Gomera is home to an incredible variety of dolphin and whale species – ideal conditions to observe and explore the animals. Both – observation and exploration – are the focus of this course, but above all it is about experiencing the animals live. In the encounter with these animals lies the potential to create a deep connection between man...
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25 May

A second chance

As of May 2022 M.E.E.R. has a new partner: 2Chance Upcycling. 2Chance processes old bicycle tubes, fishing nets, records, skateboards and sail ropes into cool everyday products and gives them a new life through upcycling. Not only is it fair and sustainable, but 10% of the proceeds are donated to projects that support the environment and sustainability – including M.E.E.R. We are happy that with this partnership we can contribute to reintroducing used fabrics to the product cycle, even more so in such an innovative way. We especially like the fact that our partner also upcycles materials that have been actively...
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17 May

Dead dolphin baby off La Gomera

It is well known that cetaceans sometimes carry their stillborn babies for many days and apparently do not want to part with them. Such incidents have also been recorded near La Gomera several times. MEER documented such a behaviour for the first time in rough-toothed dolphins. That this behaviour also occurs in spotted dolphins is new, at least for La Gomera. Our partner Oceano was able to record the behaviour from the boat! Our partner Venatana Al Mar reports: Read more…
7 May

LIVE on board!

As part of our Marine Ambassadors program, we were able to award two tickets for a whale watching tour with our partner OCEANO Gomera at the end of April. Shakti and Sikha were able to join us as Marine Ambassadors, learn about M.E.E.R.’s research and meet the marine mammals that so desperately need our protection. Both had fantastic sightings: a fin whale showed up alongside pilot whales and dolphins! Sikha wrote to us: “Thank you very much for letting me join this really wonderful tour! A big fin whale accompanied by jumping dolphins, another small group of whales, great weather,...
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