Our team

M.E.E.R. turned 25 years old in 2023! Two decades of work for marine conservation – a lot has been achieved, planned (and sometimes discarded), newly developed, built up and changed for the better. In the process, the M.E.E.R. team has experienced many ups and downs and celebrated many successes.

The enthusiasm for the same goal keeps us together and everyone gives his or her part, so that M.E.E.R. constantly progresses, projects are born, signs are set and innovative marine conservation is carried out. Each volunteer contributes personally and individually with his/her skills and knowledge, and this great commitment has been one of the most important pillars of our association for 25 years.

It started with the seven founding members, but many other long-time companions of the association also worked for the common cause – up to the currently active team. Here, the active members introduce themselves and briefly describe what drives them: