5 Apr

ECS Conference 2014, Workshop by M.E.E.R. e.V.

ecs2nd ECS workshop on „Communicating marine mammal science to the general public“

After the successful first workshop at the 27th ECS in Setubal we want to continue to share educational and outreaching experiences of communicating marine mammal science to schools and to the general public. These experiences can be educational programs that support school curricula, pedagogical outreach materials such as books, videos, kits, activities and exhibitions.

The workshop is open to researchers, educators, science teachers, and to the media.

This year we want to focus on the theme of the conference: “Marine mammals as sentinels of a changing environment“.

The objectives* of the workshop are to:

• share information about sources related to education;

• exchange ideas and knowledge in new science teaching tools;

• exchange experience in adressing the media;

• foster general networking with all stakeholders;

• exchange about the outreach of education

• support ECS to address educational questions

• encourage increased and improved use of social media tools.

*Objectives as determined during the first workshop in Setubal.


Schedule of the workshop

ECS_2013_setubal_12nd workshop on „Communicating marine mammal science to the general public“

In the morning session we want to give an input presenting different examples of projects that are marine mammal and education orientated also adressing the main topic „Marine mammals as sentinels of a changing environment“.

The afternoon session will focus on the working groups that will be formed at the end of the morning session. The groups will be depending very much on the input of the participants as well as on the outcome of an web-base enquiry prior to the workshop.

Arts and Science – “Using arts-science collaborations to communicate marine mammal science to the public”, Paul Thompson, Susan Christie, Emma Dove, Mark Lyken & Stephen Hurre

Museums and science communication:

” The role of Museums in communicating science: the example of the Madeira Whale Museum”, Luís Freitas

POSTER: “Education for Conservation”, Lisbon Zoo

Investigation and education: “Slovenian Dolphin project – First hand experience to learn, care and protect”, Polona Kotnjek


Date: Sunday 06 April 2014, full day (09:30-13:00; 14:00-17:00, registration: 9:00-9.30)

Venue: Liège Aquarium

Organizers: Volker Smit, Angela Ziltener

E-mail: cetaceos@gmx.de; a.ziltener@aim.uzh.ch