13 Apr

Milestone for MEER’s work in the Canaries

We can be really proud of ourselves, because to coincide with our 25th anniversary, MEER was invited to participate in an expert workshop on marine mammal conservation throughout Spain. Things moved very quickly. There was just over a week between the invitation and arrival, so a lot of flexibility was required. Our 2nd chairman Volker Smit accepted the invitation without further ado. Our research department (Christina Sommer) made sure to compile the correct sighting data in up-to-date maps for this workshop at very short notice and as a result we were able to provide clear information on the various cetacean species off La Gomera. Our Canarian colleagues were visibly impressed by this wealth of information and mapping material. A lively exchange ensued with the aim of identifying sensitive or critical protected areas for the respective species for each Canary Island. The other sub-teams did the same for other areas of Spain. The results of the workshops will then be bundled and passed on to the political levels.
It was extremely exciting and satisfying to be a part of this process and to be able to make an important contribution.
We can now look forward to seeing what will ultimately be implemented politically as a result of all this work! We will stay on it!

Volker Smit

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