1 Jan

Whales and Dolphins need MEER Protection!

Many dolphins and whales are threatened by extinction. As a consequence of overfishing, pollution and habitat degradation they are losing the basis of their existence. Hundreds of thousands die every year as bycatch in nets and other fishing gear and many are still hunted for food. Climate change, increasing ocean noise, unrestricted whale watching tourism and collisions with vessels contribute to the threat.

The waters off the Canary Island La Gomera are home to an extraordinary cetacean species diversity. More than 20 species have been documented.

With it’s prizewinning project M.E.E.R. La Gomera, the non-profit association M.E.E.R. wants to guarantee that the encounter between humans and cetaceans happens with respect and consideration. This is realised through the combination of ecological whale watching tourism, scientific research and public education.