Here you will find the most important news about our association as well as our projects and actions. In addition, we report about the events around the whale and dolphin protection off La Gomera (Canary Islands) and worldwide.

8 Oct

M.E.E.R. education for La Gomera’s school children

La Gomera, Oktober 2015. On the 7th and 8th of October, 200 pre-schoolers and primary school children of the local school in Borbalán, La Gomera, took part in a very special excursion within their ‘ocean weeks’: For two days, with the support of M.E.E.R., the pupils aged three to twelve had the chance to learn more about the sea and its inhabitants. Coordinated by our biology teacher and M.E.E.R.-biologist Volker Smit, the children were introduced to the life of whales and dolphins in the rooms of our permanent exhibition located close to the harbour. Additionally, marine biologist Volker Boehlke explored...
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21 Mar

3rd workshop at ECS conference 2015

M.E.E.R. e.V. proudly presents its 3rd workshop at the annual ECS Conference 2015 (European Cetacean Society, 23 – 25 March, Malta): “Communicating marine mammal science to students & the general public”. The workshop is organised by Volker Smit (M.E.E.R. e.V.) and takes place at InterContinental (St. Julians, Malta) on 21st March 2015.
5 Oct

Whale Watching tour for local teachers

Biology teachers at sea! La Gomera, 2014. Due to the close cooperation with OCEANO La Gomera and the contact to the local school in the Valle Gran Rey at La Gomera, it has been possible to invite biology teachers on a tour out to sea with OCEANO. Beforehand, marine biologist Volker Boehlke held a lecture for the teachers at their school about „Life at the coast of La Gomera“. We are pleased about this development, since M.E.E.R. e.V. repeatedly invited the teachers to use the trilingual exhibition also for their lessons. Campaign for teachers of the „Instituto de Educación Secundaria...
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30 Jun

Demo in Brussels

End captivity for dolphins in Europe! 28th of June was a very particular day for the dolphin defenders of Europe. For the 2nd year, a small group of enthusiasts organised – with the help of Animal Rights organization Bite Back – a European demo against dolphinaria. Special guest was Ric O’Barry, the ex-trainer of Flipper, but since 40 year on a constant quest to put an end to all kinds of dolphin suffering and captivity of cetaceans. 400+ activists from all over Europe joined Ric at the foot of the Atomium in Brussels to demand a dolphinaria-free Europe. The atmosphere...
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15 Jun

Report: Protests against the oil drillings off the Canary Islands

Berlin, June 2014. Summarized by Volker Boehlke based on articles by „Ecologistas en Acción“, translated by Pia Ditscher. On June, 5th 2014 the international „Day of environment“, five big nature conservation associations (Amigos de la tierra, Ecologistas en Acción, Greenpeace, SEO/BirdLife and WWF) came together in Madrid to point out the problems resulting from oil drillings. The protest was induced by the decision of the Minister for the Environment to permit the oil drillings off the Canary Islands. With their protest the organisations want to support the planned demonstrations at the Canaries and all over the country for the following weekend.
5 Jun

Workshop at ECS Conference in Belgium

Berlin/Liège, Juni 2014. Successful MEER workshop at the ECS Conference! M.E.E.R. e.V. organized and conducted a one day workshop during this year’s ECS (European Cetacean Society) conference: “Communicating marine mammal science to the general public”, and it was a great success. Twenty participants from 9 different countries, interested in education, enthusiastically took the opportunity to interact intensely. Initially, there were several lectures on various projects that link whale and dolphin research with education in a meaningful way. The onset was made by our 2nd chairman, Volker Smit, who introduced the project M.E.E.R. La Gomera and its increasing educational work on...
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5 Apr

ECS Conference 2014, Workshop by M.E.E.R. e.V.

2nd ECS workshop on „Communicating marine mammal science to the general public“ After the successful first workshop at the 27th ECS in Setubal we want to continue to share educational and outreaching experiences of communicating marine mammal science to schools and to the general public. These experiences can be educational programs that support school curricula, pedagogical outreach materials such as books, videos, kits, activities and exhibitions. The workshop is open to researchers, educators, science teachers, and to the media. This year we want to focus on the theme of the conference: “Marine mammals as sentinels of a changing environment“.
9 Oct

“Flying” beaked whales

  Sensational video footage Berlin/La Gomera, October 2013. Off the Canary island of La Gomera, video footage was taken for the first time showing a spectacular behavior performed by beaked whales, a less investigated cetacean taxa. A group of animals was leaping with individual whales showing very high jumps several times in a row – a behavior rarely ever observed and difficult to explain. Beaked whales are known to be shy and generally behave in an inconspicuous manner. They avoid ships, are sensitive to disturbance and spend most of their time below the surface. These less researched cetaceans dive extremely...
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